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Estonian Hall200 Jeffcott Street
North Adelaide 5006
South Australia

Hall hire & caretaker:
(08) 8267 1649

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Adelaide Estonian Women's Association (A.E.S. Naisring)
Maia Dyke
chairperson /secretary

30 Albany Ave.,
Port Noarlunga Sth.,
South Australia ,5167
Ph. 08 8386 2219

Ilma Taylor

Maie Suursaar

Gisela Laaring

Upcoming Events: 2009
Winter Lunch on Sunday July 26, 2009 at 1p.m. in Estonian House.
Christmas Fete , Jõululaat, on Sunday , November 22, 2009 at 2 p.m. in Estonian House

AESL Naisring January 2007 .
Front: Ilma Taylor ,Lehte Lauba, Viivi Porss, Leida Piip, Tiiu Hoile, Gisela Laaring
Back: Maia Dyke, Eha Olesk, Helve Tuul, Dagny Pere, Asta Saar, Maia Charles, Silvia Klaar, Milvi Semenov . Absent: Aime Murro, Laine Johanson , Laine Helm.

The Estonian Spirit Banner (Eesti Hingelipp)
was created under the auspices of the Centenary of Federation Celebration Committee as part of the South Australian Federation Sunday project. The Naisring agreed to participate in the Spirit Banner procession . Artist Helgi Cameron designed and created the banner for us.

The banner is full of Estonian symbolism and emblems, including the bird that embodies our spirit, the barn swallow, and our favourite flower, the blue cornflower in stylised form.

The Adelaide Estonian Womens Society, (" Naisring"), has been active in Adelaide since 1957 when it was established under the leadership of Ali Joari. The committee now comprises of 15 members. The general membership has varied up to 75 ladies and gentlemen members.

Our women start young!

The activities consist mainly in helping the Adelaide Estonian Society and the Estonian House. Donations to help organizations in Estonia have also been made.

Quality control!

Apart from general help, over the years a large number of cultural and varied interest activities have been organized.
The Society is still very active. Monthly meetings of the committee take place on the second Monday of each month at 1 p.m.
New members are very welcome.

Our piparkoogid are as good as mother
used to make!

Our men give us great support!

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