Nänja Pirukad

Author recognition: This recipe is originally from Maia Dyke’s Aunt Regina. Pastry ingredients 1 carton sour-light cream 400g self-raising flour 1 egg 50g butter ½ teaspoon salt ½ teaspoon sugar 2 tablespoons oil Filling ingredients 200g ham 2 rashers bacon 1 small onion 2 hard-boiled eggs A little [...]

Potatoes with cheese & smoked sausage

4 boiled potatoes 50g grated cheese 50g double smoked hard sausages Parsley Salt Crushed pepper 4 keedetud kartulit 50g riivitud juustu 50g täissuitsuvorsti Peterselli Soola Purustatud pipart Cut potatoes in half and scoop out the flesh to make a small hole. Mix together grated cheese and chopped smoked [...]

Hernepannkoogid – Pea Pancakes

Author recognition: This recipe was sent in by a community member who has a selection of recipes written in Estonian – but needs help translating them. See original Estonian version in image below. 1½ cups peas (field/blue peas) 3 cups milk 1 cup buttermilk 8 tbsp flour 1 tbsp [...]