Project Description


Author recognition: This recipe is originally from Maia Dyke’s Aunt Regina.

Pastry ingredients

1 carton sour-light cream

400g self-raising flour

1 egg

50g butter

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon sugar

2 tablespoons oil

Filling ingredients

200g ham

2 rashers bacon

1 small onion

2 hard-boiled eggs

A little dill

1 tablespoon butter

Preparation method

  1. Mix pastry ingredients, kneading butter through.
  2. Put in fridge to cool.
  3. Chop ham, bacon and onion.
  4. Fry ham, bacon and onion for only a few minutes.
  5. Place filling in a bowl to cool.
  6. Add chopped, hard-boiled egg.
  7. Roll out dough and cut round circles of dough using a glass.
  8. Place filling onto pastry circles and press pastry into a symmetrical shape with points at either end (the fold should be underneath).
  9. Brush with milk.
  10. Place in oven at 350¡F / 150¡C until light brown.