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Estonian Hall200 Jeffcott Street
North Adelaide 5006
South Australia

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Adelaide Estonian Art & Crafts Society
Contacts :
Mare Puksand ph. (08) 8 278 3983
Laine Johanson ph. (08) 83528303
Aime Murro ph. (08) 8352 7796

This group was established in 1996 in preparation for the Estonian Culture Days (Eesti Päevad) held in Adelaide in December 1997.The group met in Mare Puksand's home.

Our aim is to foster traditional Estonian handcrafts, also art and craft in general, and to enjoy each other's companionship and to learn Estonian heritage craft from one another.

Meetings. Presently , we meet on the second Monday of each month at 9.30 a.m. in the upper hall of the Estonian House. New members are most welcome.

The next Estonian Culture Days (Eesti Päevad) will be held in Adelaide in December 2003 and we are gearing our work towards that.

The Käsitööring at the start of 2002.
Front left: Ilona Carter, Laine Helm,Leida Kirss.
Back left: Mare Puksand, Maia Dyke, Tiiu Müller, Aime Murro.
Absent : Laine Johanson , the photographer.

Doll in Estonian National Costume ( Pärnu Jaakopi ) by Laine Johanson.

Laine Lipp-Helm , besides being an excellent cross-stitch exponent , has taken care of Adelaide's Estonian musical life for over 50 years. Her work for that has been recognised with honorary membership (auliige) of the Adelaide Estonian Society.

Members of the Kunst, Käsitöö, and Kaunistus
(Art and Craft) group in 1997.

Bottom left, Ene-Mai Reinpuu, Mare Puksand,
next: Ruth Auväärt, Gisela Laaring, Lydia Trett,
then Maia Dyke, Eda Salu ,
standing Aime Murro.
Seated on the next step , Hedvig Papli ,
followed by Laine Johanson.
Standing are Leida Kirss, Helgi Cameron and Ella Aarik.
Absent : Milvi Semenov.

Artist Mare Puksand by her tapestry of
"The Field of Towers" (Tornide Väljak) in Tallinn.

Artist Helgi Cameron
with her Hand Felted Panels.

Doll in Estonian National Costume
by Laine Johanson

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