Noorkuu – one of Estonia’s leading ensembles – to hit the stage at the 2016 Estonian Festival | Eesti Päevad!

Noorkuu for Adelaide in 2016!

The scoop for EP Adelaide!

There has been an exciting development, which the organising committee has worked on around the clock over the last three weeks.

You are in for a real treat if you have booked your holidays for Adelaide Eesti Päevad – Adelaide Estonian Festival 2016!

The members of the ensemble coming to Adelaide to perform are:

  • Martti Meumers – vocal (bariton)
  • Rein Kahro – vocal (tenor)
  • Ilmar Madison – vocal (tenor)
  • Märt Murrik – vocal (tenor)
  • Remi Teras – vocal (bass)

Noorkuu will be performing here in Adelaide at several events during the 2016 Estonian Festival – Eesti Päevad. More information will be released as the festival nears, however they are locked in and will be an amazing feature for the entire festival. The organising committee is truly excited by their decision to perform for the Australian-Estonian community and look forward to welcoming them in December 2016.

Stay tuned to find out more about this amazing group!

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