We have been advised that there is an upcoming release of a new edition of the Estonian Folk Costume publication. The new publication is written in Estonian and English. The format is 290x180mm in 2 volumes (instruction and extras are separate). The writer is Piia Ruber.

Notification was received from the Estonian National Folk Museum that a new publication of the “Eesti rahvarõivad I-III“ or „Estonian Folk Costume I-III“ volumes is available for advance order registration.

1981. the original publication was printed in Finland and compiled for the Eesti Rahva Muuseumi collection from Mosko. From this collection and records a 3- Volumes reference book „Eesti rahvarõivad I-III“ . The publication text was written by Aino Voolmaa and instruction documentation was by Mari Sumera.

Now the Eesti Rahva Muuseum supplements these previous publications with today’s acquired knowledge, the addition of improved teachings, complimenting, amending and improving official details. The publication will be officially released in print and later in a digital format.

For further information:

Website: Estonian National Folk Museum

Contact: Liina Külv – Email her directly